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Within Temptation — Dangerous Lyrics

Within Temptation

Dutch Symphonic Metal Band

Hydra 2014

Studio | 22nd January, 2014

Hydra is the sixth studio album by Dutch band Within Temptation. The album contains guest appearances by singer Howard Jones (ex-Killswitch Engage), rapper Xzibit, metal vocalist Tarja Turunen (ex-Nightwish) and alternative rock singer Dave Pirner (Soul Asylum).

  • Genre: Symphonic Metal, Power Metal, Gothic Metal
  • Feat.: Howard Jones
  • Release On: 22nd January, 2014
  • Recorded On: April - August 2013
  • Language: English

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"Dangerous Lyrics"

I Know I Won't Change, I Have Tried
Was Feeling So Caged, Hands Tied
I Can't Find Anything Feeling So Right
It's Blinding All

The Reaper Is Close, I've Seen His Smile
A Matter Of Time, Can't Deny
I Won't Turn Around, Round, Round
This Destiny's Mine

The Countdown Has Begun
The Walls Are Falling Down
My Life Is On The Line
But Freedom Is Mine

It's Dangerous
To Sacrifice It Makes Your Blood Run
To Throw The Dice
It's Dangerous It's What You Like
It's What You'll Die For
To Live This Life We're Going On
No We'll Never Stop
We're Going On 'till Worlds Collide
It's Dangerous, So Dangerous, Dangerous

I Know It's Not Sane, Close My Eyes
Keep Searching The Edge Of Life
'Cause That's The Only Place I'll Ever Find
That Makes Me Whole.

A Thief In The Night, Out Of Sight
It's Out There Waiting To Ignite
The Fever Will Rise, Rise, Rise
Taking Over My Mind

The Countdown Has Begun
The Walls Are Falling Down
My Life Is On The Line
But Freedom Is Mine


Nothing Matters Anyhow
It's Like I'm Floating Off The Ground
Into The Hands Of Air I Dive
Rays Of Light Flashing By

Like The Time Is Slowing Down
And The World Is Out Of Sight
All The Memories In My Mind
Won't Leave Me Behind

It's Dangerous
It's Dangerous
It's Dangerous!


  • Producer: Daniel Gibson
  • Label: Nuclear Blast, Dramatico, BMG, Universal, Within Temptation

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