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Within Temptation — It's The Fear Lyrics

Within Temptation

Dutch Symphonic Metal Band

The Silent Force 2004

Studio | 11th November, 2004

The Silent Force is the third studio album by Dutch metal band Within Temptation. This album is the first to feature Ruud Jolie on lead guitar, as well as Martijn Spierenburg on keyboards, after Martijn Westerholt had to leave the band due to illness.

  • Genre: Symphonic Metal
  • Release On: 11th November, 2004
  • Recorded On: 10 May - 29 August 2004
  • Language: English

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"It's The Fear Lyrics"

It Waits For The Day, I Will Let It Out
To Give It A Reason, To Give It Its Might

I Fear Who I Am Becoming,
I Feel That I Am Losing The Struggle Within
I Can No Longer Restrain It,
My Strength, It Is Fading
I Have To Give In

It's The Fear,
The Fear Of The Dark
It's Growing Inside Of Me
They Won, They Will Come To Life
Have To Save,
Save My Beloved,
There Is No Escaping
Because My Fate Is Horror And Doom

Hold Down Your Head Now,
Just Let Me Pass By
Don't Feed My Fear,
If You Don't Want It Out



Long Ago, It Came To Me And Ever Since That Day,
Infected With It's Rage
But It Ends Today


  • Producer: Daniel Gibson, Stefan Helleblad
  • Label: GUN, Roadrunner

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