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Within Temptation — Jillian Lyrics

Within Temptation

Dutch Symphonic Metal Band

The Silent Force 2004

Studio | 11th November, 2004

The Silent Force is the third studio album by Dutch metal band Within Temptation. This album is the first to feature Ruud Jolie on lead guitar, as well as Martijn Spierenburg on keyboards, after Martijn Westerholt had to leave the band due to illness.

  • Genre: Symphonic Metal
  • Release On: 11th November, 2004
  • Recorded On: 10 May - 29 August 2004
  • Language: English

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"Jillian Lyrics"

I've Been Dreaming For So Long,
To Find A Meaning
To Understand.
The Secret Of Life,
Why Am I Here
To Try Again?

Will I Always,
Will You Always
See The Truth
When It Stares You In The Face?
Will I Ever
Will I Never Free Myself
By Breaking These Chains?

I'd Give My Heart, I'd Give My Soul.
I'd Turn It Back, It's My Fault.
Your Destiny Is Forlorn,
Have To Live Till It's Undone.
I'd Give My Heart, I'd Give My Soul.
I'd Turn It Back
And Then At Last
I'll Be On My Way.

I've Been Living For So Long,
Many Seasons Have Passed Me By.
I've Seen Kingdoms Through Ages
Rise And Fall,
I've Seen It All.

I've Seen The Horror,
I've Seen The Wonders
Happening Just In Front Of My Eyes.
Will I Ever
Will I Never Free Myself By Making It Right?


Our Dream Ended Long Ago.
All Our Stories
And All Our Glory
I Held So Dear.
We Won't Be Together For Ever And Ever,
No More Tears.
I'll Always Be Here
Until The End...

(Jillian, No More Tears...
Jillian, No More Tears...)


  • Producer: Daniel Gibson, Stefan Helleblad
  • Label: GUN, Roadrunner

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