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Within Temptation — The Promise Lyrics

Within Temptation

Dutch Symphonic Metal Band

Mother Earth 2000

Studio | 24th December, 2000

Mother Earth is the second studio album by Dutch symphonic metal band Within Temptation. Its quickly became a success in the band's heartland, reaching platinum status in the Netherlands and Germany in addition to achieving TMF Awards in both the Netherlands and Belgium. As of 2011, the album reportedly sold 800,000 copies.

  • Genre: Symphonic Metal, Folk Metal
  • Release On: 24th December, 2000
  • Recorded On: June - August 2000
  • Language: English

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"The Promise Lyrics"

On Behalf Of Her Love
She No Longer Sleeps
Life Had No Longer Meaning
Nothing To Make Her Stay
She Sold Her Soul Away

I Held You Tight To Me
You Slipped Away
You Promised To Return To Me
And I Believed, I Believed

After The Night He Died
I Wept My Tears Until They Dried
But The Pain Stayed The Same
I Didn't Want Him To Die All In Vain
I Made A Promise To Revenge His Soul In Time
I'll Make Them Bleed Down At My Feet

Sometimes I Wonder
Could I Have Known About Their True Intentions?
As The Pain Stayed The Same
I'm Going To Haunt Them Down All The Way
I Made A Promise To Revenge His Soul In Time
One By One They Were Surprised

  • Producer: Oscar Holleman, Anthony van den Berg
  • Label: DSFA

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