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Within Temptation — Mother Earth Lyrics

Within Temptation

Dutch Symphonic Metal Band

Mother Earth 2000

Studio | 24th December, 2000

Mother Earth is the second studio album by Dutch symphonic metal band Within Temptation. Its quickly became a success in the band's heartland, reaching platinum status in the Netherlands and Germany in addition to achieving TMF Awards in both the Netherlands and Belgium. As of 2011, the album reportedly sold 800,000 copies.

  • Genre: Symphonic Metal, Folk Metal
  • Release On: 24th December, 2000
  • Recorded On: June - August 2000
  • Language: English

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"Mother Earth Lyrics"

Birds And Butterflies
Rivers And Mountains She Creates
But You'll Never Know
The Next Move She'll Make
You Can Try
But It Is Useless To Ask Why
Cannot Control Her
She Goes Her Own Way

She Rules Until The End Of Time
She Gives And She Takes
She Rules Until The End Of Time
She Goes Her Own Way

With Every Breath
And All The Choices That We Make
We Are Only Passing Through On Her Way
I Find My Strength
Believing That Your Soul Lives On
Until The End Of Time
I'll Carry It With Me

Once You Will Know My Dear
You Don't Have To Fear
A New Beginning Always Starts At The End
Until The End Of Time
She Goes Her Own Way

  • Producer: Oscar Holleman, Anthony van den Berg
  • Label: DSFA

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